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guest experience.

We are the secret sauce behind some of your favorite experiences. Our clients include Walt Disney Imagineering, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Fashionology LA, The Disney Store, Paul Allen & Vulcan, Bruce Mau Design, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Sephora, Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame, Humana, Street Virus and Edward Sharpe & the

Magnetic Zeros.

We love our clients.
Here’s what some of them say about us:

Barb + Buddhas = bigfuneasylightbeautysmartplaytime
Working with the Buddhas is very challenging. Seriously. You are constantly being cared for, so you have to deal with that. Also, they’re always surprising you with new creative concepts, design ideas and inventions that you have to decide on, which can be quite demanding. They do way more “thinking” than is strictly necessary, and tons of what they call “options” — so you end up throwing away so much amazing work. The “buddha spirit,” the energy, the outlook — its just unrelentingly optimistic and positive, which you really need to anticipate and plan for. Then, you end up producing an awesome experience that really rocks and then there are all sorts of new “success” issues. Let’s face it, its not for everyone.

Bruce Mau

Co-Founder + Director, Massive Change Network

Big Buddha Baba is a rare combination of unique and diverse talents that can solve any problem or bring any idea one can imagine (or not yet imagined) to life, with passion, skill and dedication.

Ivy Ross

President, We See Beauty

Fashionology LA was a dream that Big Buddha Baba realized for us. Their creativity, expertise, resources and depth of knowledge mixed with professionalism, optimism and sense of humor was the engine that drove the Fashionology LA train. They have their own brand of magic and basically I worship them….

Elizabeth Wiatt

Co-Founder, Fashionology LA